Q1:  How clear are your clients on what they can expect – and when – when they work with you?

Q2:  Do you have a clear communication structure/timetable that your clients understand?


do you leave people to their own devices and hope they’ll tell you if they need help?

OK – your answers will tell you a couple of very useful things including:

  • how well you understand your clients’/customer journey
  • how connected they feel to you
  • how long they are likely to stay with you

and don’t skip past this if you think it doesn’t apply to you.

I remember one lady in our workshops who was stunned when she realised that as a landlord her tenants were her CLIENTS!  She instantly switched from them seeing them as a nuisance, to seeing them as the source of her income!  And the extra care and attention she gave them as clients resulted in more referrals and recommendations.  

And a much easier business to run!

I’ve seen people STAY AND PAY when they feel valued and part of something.

I’ve also seen people LEAVE or go to the competition when they don’t feel cared for.

It’s like the old joke 

Q: ‘when’s the best time to tell your partner you love them?’

A:  ‘before someone else does!’

Let me share some quick examples – including our own.

You know that I post a FRIDAY FOCUS session/tip/update each week.

Our subscribing members know they have:

  • quarterly workshops – full day
  • mid-quarter workshop – 12-4pm check in for extra support
  • 2 ‘live’ zoom sessions a month where they can ask questions, get help and guidance and get what they need

They also know they have other ways we support them including

  • an online Members Hub/Portal where they can quickly search anything they like (and I mean quickly – going straight to the info they want)
  • a full library of all calls – fully searchable so they know if they can/can’t make a call it WILL be in the library
  • a private members only facebook group
  • a private members only whatsapp group
  • the ability to book 1:1s when needed

Are you that clear with your clients?

Do you have a timetable, a calendar, a schedule of contact points?

I’ve given you the examples so you can think about how you connect and engage with YOUR CLIENTS.

Do your clients think you care?

Do they see that in your actions, and how you show up?

Do they know how to connect with you – and is it a way that works for them?

Let’s go back to the earlier question . . .


  • How well, and how consistently do you deliver to YOUR clients, your customers.
  • And do you ask them what they think of you?  Or are you too scared to ask?
  • Do they tell you?
  • And do you encourage that?

We are always looking at how we can deliver more/better/in a better way for our clients.

After all, if you’re not growing, you’re dying – or at least stagnating and getting passed by others who ARE growing.

You’ve probably heard ‘feedback is the breakfast of champions’ – which makes me wonder how often you ask for feedback.  

Even BAD feedback is an OPPORTUNITY for you to explain something more clearly, upgrade your offering or at least be aware of how your clients are feeling.

I’m even going to give you a real life DEMO!

Some time ago one of our members introduced me to something she had found. It’s called VideoAsk and she shared it with me for 2 reasons:

  1. because we talk about giving and getting testimonials so you can show social proof of the value you give (when your clients say something great, you can share that with others – with permission)


  1. because I’m also a client of hers, she helps me find great VAs and I’m always telling her how happy I am with her as a trusted supplier. So she asked me for a testimonial.

By sharing this simple system with me she’s made it very easy for me to give her a testimonial!

And now I’m sharing it with you.

There are 2 links in the FIRST COMMENT – go check them out and see what difference they could make for YOU.   

The first is a personal message from me!  I hope you’ll reply . . . 

This might be something that helps you with getting testimonials, following up leads, welcoming someone to your team, your program or your offering. It also works as a great way of following up.

What do you think?

Mary Collin

(Disclosure: I’m not on commission – I share it because I think it’s great –  but if you use the referral link then they gift the referrer additional minutes)


I shot a very short video I’ve just shared with the people who get our regular weekly ’90 second business bites’.


Click the link and see me explaining it and using it in action. Reply if you want to – and I’ll make sure you get our weekly tips on Business and on Marketing.

Or go check out Videoask to see how it works and if it’s for you.http://www.videoask.com/ref/e5t1ea3dgx