Today wraps up the second quarter, and first half of 2023.  Quite a moment.

And I want to hit the pause button and get personal with you.

Are you living your best life?  

Are you having fun?  Some good time out with family, friends, taking time with the people who matter?  

Does your calendar feature enough ‘you time’, or time out?

I ask this because I see that balance get eroded in too many business owners’ lives.  Way too often.

Are you putting off the things you really want to do?  The places you want to go?  The people you want to see?  That course of study?  That hobby, fitness programme or whatever else you’ve got on your list that somehow never makes it onto your calendar?


Today is the tomorrow you were looking forward to.  And remember – you’ll never get this time back.

So – halfway through the year I want you to take back control.  Grab the reins of your life (and business) and rethink what you want before it runs away, out of control.


There are a couple of ways you can make sure YOU CONTROL your life, business and the trajectory that you’re on.

  1. One way is to join us inside the 90day-accelerator membership – before 9pm tonight and we’ll work with you every week, walking you through the tools, resources and guidance to make the right things happen for you.
    Membership closes and 9pm and won’t reopen until September – so that we can work with our members helping them get the most from their membership and get into the 90day rhythm.
  2. Another way is to go for the ‘lite’ version – and join us inside the free group (link at top of this email).  We’ll still show up for you – you just get access to some of the models and not all of them.  Obviously the level of guidance and support through implementation is different.
  3. Bonus tip:  If you feel your life is running away from you I suggest you read (or listen to) Dr Benjamin Hardy ‘Be Your Future Self Now’.  It’s got some great insights in and very much fits our 90day thinking.  Make the changes now!!  Or it costs you too much.

Every milestone we pass, we will never pass again, and we’ll never have the chance to go back and change what we did.

The power is always in NOW, in the moment.

6 months into 2023 I’d love to know what you will do to make your future the one you choose!

Next Steps:

  1. Follow me – Mary –  on LinkedIn.  Each week I share ONE SIMPLE RESOURCE you can implement to improve your life and business.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/marycollin1/ 
  2. Want more info/help?  Talk to me in the free facebook group (see intro) or join us inside the membership – remember there’s no time commitment and in 4 months you’ll go through the whole cycle and see why people stay.  And you can decide to love it or leave it. 

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There’s a lot of power in lists. 

As in, content that’s in the form of a list. 

​​​​​​​Like this post right here:

Notice how many likes and comments this post got. 

124 likes and 37 comments. 

That’s not bad for a post as simple as this. 

But, why does this happen?

The reason is, humans love lists. 

Lists are a simple way to consume information. 

And when you make a list that’s relevant to your audience, they’ll pay attention. 

In her post, Saffron created a list specifically for Freelancers. 

Who are YOU targeting?

What list could you share with them?

Think about it, and go ahead and post it!


EG:  One of our most difficult things when it comes to posting regularly on LinkedIn is coming up with consistent ideas for content and what content works best for your business. 

We’ve created a 32-page E-Book full of our collective knowledge on LinkedIn. What works best and what strategies will get you more leads from LinkedIn. 

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