Writing on LinkedIn is weird, don’t you think?

The less structure your sentences have, the better they seem to work.

Don’t believe me?

​​​​​​​Take a look at this post:

Now, read each sentence of that post again, please.

Don’t they sound like they come from a robot?

When I read this, I feel I’m reading a secret message that was sent out with a dove on a tiny piece of paper.

And, what’s the purpose of inserting bullet points here?

They’re definitely not needed (in terms of correct writing, that is).

But still, I like this post. You know why?

Because it’s easy to consume.

And easy to consume trumps correct grammar and sentence structure when it comes to LinkedIn content.

Should you only write like a robot now?

No. But do simplify your writing.

Make sentences shorter. Remove sentences that are not needed. Try to share your idea with the least number of words possible.

It will make a big difference.