Today is the first time that I’m sharing a post from LinkedIn themselves in this newsletter.

Because, to be honest, they’re not the best content creators.

It’s not that their content is bad. But they always play it safe.

I guess it makes sense when you’re a huge corporation.

Anyways, there’s a specific reason I want to share it with you.

Let’s have a look and then I’ll explain below:

OK, why did I like this post?

Because it’s an example of content curation.

LinkedIn did not create the actual ideas shared here. They simply noticed a post that brings value and shared it with their own followers.

Now, I know I’ve shared about content curation many times in these emails.

But I still see many creators overcomplicating their strategy and trying to create original, perfect posts every single time.

The end result is they become overwhelmed and can’t stay consistent.

That’s why I believe that curation can be such a strong way of creating content for you, especially if you are not yet sure what to post about.

LinkedIn’s team is doing it as well. So, why shouldn’t it work for you?