One of the things that I wake up every morning and feel grateful for is that the poll craziness on LinkedIn has stopped.

Thank you, LinkedIn Algorithm for making that change!

I still cringe when I think about how, a year ago, everyone was doing polls to get more views as if their life depended on it.

But jokes aside, I do think there’s a place and time for this type of post in your content.

They can actually be very powerful to help you connect with your audience at a deeper level.

Like Savannah did with this poll right here:

Now, I just want to make sure that you actually understood what Savannah did here.

She created a poll to ask her audience what her next video should be about.

I know that sounds like a simple idea, but almost nobody is doing it.

And it’s a shame because involving your audience in your content creation process is so powerful!

Getting them to be a part of it is the perfect way to keep them paying attention to your future content.

What I like the most about what Savannah did is that she is honoring this poll.

You can see here that she has already created a second piece of content sharing the results of the poll.

And a third post is coming where she’ll actually cover the topic her audience voted for.

So, from one poll that brings her followers closer, she’s also creating two additional posts around the exact same idea.

Listen, I know we all constantly look for “hacks”  and “secrets” to be better content creators.

This is a perfect example of how you actually do it.