Don’t commit massive self-sabotage by NOT doing this


Without systems you have problems (make sure to read on and check the quote below – it blew my mind and changed my thinking completely – I wonder if it will have the same impact on you?)

I used to suffer from ALL of these problems – do you identify with any of them?

  • no time – so not working on what your business REALLY NEEDS
  • erratic delivery (you’re inconsistent) – impacts on your REPUTATION
  • relying on MEMORY doesn’t work – especially when you’re busy
  • YOU HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING because there is no system to follow
  • no-one else does it as well as you – OF COURSE THEY CAN’T – they don’t have a system to follow
  • YOU don’t always do it as well as you could – taking you back to the start of this list!

This is time wasting and demoralising so I’m going to share with you my simple 3 rules of systems . . . but first let me explain WHY systems matter.

I learned many years ago from the wonderful Brad Sugars that what SYSTEM means =

Saving Yourself Stress, Time, Energy & Money

See . .  it spells out S.Y.S.T.E.M.

I’ve never forgotten that.  And that’s the goal isn’t it?

I’ve never met a business owner who doesn’t want ALL OF THOSE.

Here’s the good news – there are simple solutions and resources to help.

It can be very different and none of this is hard to do.

And it is why I insist on . . .


  1. You must HAVE a system.  if you haven’t got one – write down what you do.  Make a start right now and list something you do repeatedly (but not always consistently to the same standard).
  2. Once you have a system you must USE it.  That way you spot what works and what doesn’t.  This applies to all of our team – including us!
  3. Next your job is to IMPROVE the system at the first opportunity.  As you use it you’ll see small tweaks that make a massive difference.

I can’t believe HOW EASY this is and how few people do it.

See how easy it can be . . . HAVE, USE and IMPROVE.

NOT following these 3 rules is the biggest deal breaker for us in our business.  

We all make mistakes but HAVING a system and NOT USING IT is like being able to read and not bothering.  It’s just plain crazy!

The systems are there to support us and make sure things don’t fall through the cracks.

WHY YOU NEED SYSTEMS: (quote coming . . .)

Let me share a quote with you – it’s from James Clear, the author of the amazing book ‘Atomic Habits’. This one knocked me for six when I first saw it . . . and it’s TRUE!


“You DON’T RISE to the level of your GOALS,

You FALL to the level of your SYSTEMS”

Ouch . . . I hope that ‘lands’ with you as powerfully as it did with me.

I resisted having systems for way too long,  but I realised that it cost me dearly.  

The worst of it was – it was not just money that it cost me but time.  And that’s something we can’t get back, ever.


When you DO have systems in place and you USE them, you can:

  • reclaim your time
  • deliver consistently in all areas of business – knowing it’s done right first time
  • be less busy, freeing yourself up for the more important business owner work
  • you can get others to do much of the work and know it’s done to the right standard
  • sometimes you’ll find that others do a much better job of it than you!
  • Now you’re winning back some time freedom and head space which leads to . . .  taking you right back to the start of this list!

What will you do with the extra time you’ve won back?

Personally I enjoy more time to work ON the business, to help others, more time at the beach or with friends/family.

I can’t believe how easy it can be when you actually DO put systems in place.  You’ll be shocked and surprised too!  IF you do adopt these 3 rules.


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We’re here to make your life easier.

And have a great weekend.